EZ Test Blister for Benzos: Valium and Rohypnol

New EZ Test Blister for Benzos: Valium and Rohypnol
EZ Test for Benzos gives you a quick way to identify and distinguish several benzodiazepines, especially Valium and Rohypnol (Roofie’s, the date rape drug : remember The hangover?). Distinguishes between diazepam (Valium), flunitrazapam ( Rohypnol), nitrazepam and flurazepam. 

Benzodiazepines are prescription drugs, commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxieties, insomnia, panic attacks and alcohol withdrawal. The internet has made it possible for people to illegally buy these medicines, making benzo's among the most commonly abused substances. As a result the illegal market is flooded with fakes and imitations, sometimes with other substances and often with no actives substances present at all.

Contains 1 test, detailed instructions and a color chart 

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