Research Chemicals

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Over the last couple of years the quest for finding a legal substitute for MDMA has resulted in a market that has been flooded with exotic compounds such as mephedrone, methoxetamine, 5-APB, Benzo-Fury (6-APB), methylone, butylone and many many other strange compounds. The rapid development of these compounds make it impossible for legislators to keep up with the market and therefore it usually takes a while before they’re banned.
The drugs are being sold as bath salts, plant food, or plant fertilizer and typically marketed with the words “not for human consumption” under product names including Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Pure Ivory, and Sextacy to circumvent local authorities regulation and to safeguard their quasi legal status.

What is being researched here?
To be honest: we don’t know, but we think it is safe to say that you are the guinea pig here. The thing with research chemicals is that there is no control on how it has been produced, nor have the effects of the substances involved been evaluated extensively. The fact that they can be bought ‘legally’ leads people to the misconception that they must be safe because otherwise they could not be sold ‘legally’.
This form of reasoning is flawed at best… If you consider getting into these substances you should really read up on the substance involved thoroughly -could this be the ‘research’?- and after this, if you decide to try them out, start your experiment with small dosages, with at least one person present that is sober and in a place where you feel comfortable. Safety first!

EZ Test is continuously developing new reagents and we’d like to work on some test kits for Research Chemicals. However, market conditions make if difficult for us to obtain samples that can be used for reference and analysis. That is why we would like to ask for your help. If you have samples of research chemicals, please consider sending us a little bit. Usually, a 100/200 mg sample would be enough for us to get busy.

Here’s how we do it:
you send us a sample, anonymously, please include a note that says what you think it is.
we run it through our GC/MS and identify the substance and its purity.
Then, if needed, we purify the sample
and we start thinking about a way to develop a test kit for it.
Hopefully this will lead to new reagents that can offer protection against dodgy vendors and producers.