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PM(M)A is ParaMethoxy(Meth)Amphetamine
It is a hallucinogenic stimulant that some people experimented with in the 70s, it never became a popular recreational drug because of its high toxicity. It is one of the most dangerous and toxic hallucinogens known. Because it is less risky and easier to make and than MDMA , it is often passed off as ‘Ecstasy’.

PMA/ PMMA effects:
– At lower doses (less that 50mg, depending on body weight) PMA produces an increase in energy, minor visual hallucinations, and a mild euphoric state.
– At slightly higher doses it (suddenly) increases heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to dangerously high levels that can lead to convulsions, coma and death.
– A person who has ingested a high enough dose of PMA has difficulty breathing, develops muscle spasms and nausea, and starts vomiting.
– The initial effects of a low dose of PMA might feel a little bit like MDMA, but PMA takes more than half an hour longer to come on.
– This may cause some people to take another pill thinking that they got “weak Ecstasy.” By this time the person may have taken a lethal dose.
– In the past PMA tablets sold on the ecstasy market around the world have been white or tan Mistsubishi tablets. They had a diameter of 7 or 7.5 mm, and are thicker than most pills. Pills tested around the world that match this size and description have always contained PMA, so if you come across an exact match (size, color and logo), it most likely contains PMA, not MDMA.
– However new, different batches of PMA tablets have shown op recently that looked different., i.e. ‘white clovers.
– So really, there’s no way to rule this out without doing a proper test first…