Levamisole in Cocaine

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What is levamisole?

Levamisole is an anti-worm medicin for veterinarian use on cows and horses. Since about 10 years it is being used as a cutting agent for cocaine. In the Netherlands, research has shown that a 10% cut with levamisole is not uncommon. In short: this stuff is not supposed to be present in cocaine. Using cocaine regularly already poses dangers to one’s health, with the addition of levamisole these health risks get even bigger.

Why do people add this stuff to cocaine?

Good question! We don’t know… One explanation is that levamisole itself is a white crystalline shiny substance, that makes cocaine look better. It also shares many of the same molecular characterics with cocaine, which means that once added it is really difficult to separate them from eachother. Acid/base extractions, recrystallization, none of these techniques seem to work. Another explanation could be that levamisole converts itself in the body into aminorex, a stimulant that is somewhere between dexamphetamine and meth in potency. This would mean you would be able to cut the cocaine even further without losing a certain effect. Please note that the effects of cocaine are markedly different from those of amphetamines.

What are the dangers of Levamisole? 

Well, you won’t die because of parasites, that’s for sure… Nevertheless, levamisole can pose some serious dangers to your health. Regular use can cause deficiencies in blood cell count as well as that soft tissue in the body can get deprived of oxygen and dies. Try googling for levamisol and cocaine images, this is not a pretty sight… Another formerly underestimated danger of levamisol comes from the metabolization into aminorex. If you’re sensitive to this substance it can cause acute heart and vascular problems.

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